Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blog shift

Changed and shifted my blog to wordpress already.

Just wanna write several or rather tons of post which set to password protected private post coz' I feel emo again.

Don't worry, you will still get to see my public posts. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Job - Work - Future

Should I apply the same job as what my hubby do now?

There are several concerns which caused me to hesitate.
  • We will have more things to discuss. :)
  • We might argue over some issues we do not agree with. :(
  • I will have to work in shift. :(
  • People who know him, will know me too. :)
  • People who know my character, the way I communicate with my colleagues, will end up my hubby knows it too. (I'm a straight-forward person) :(
  • Once you confirm this job, it must be a forever job. :(
  • Once you quit this job, you got to start all over again in a new job, UNLESS you transfer to another department. :) :(

In a mess now. Hope my current boss will give me good pay. Heard that there is no bonus in this company. Just that we have one day off in every month (excluding our 14days leave), if Saturday is a holiday and we can accumulate one more 'leave' day, good working environment (nice colleagues around us) and nice boss.

But, I have to think of that stupid study loan and my precious baby, Tricia's expenses. =\ So pay is a sensitive issue to me.

Frankly speaking, I really dun like shift work. I am enjoying sleeping while my hubby is always besides me (as he already in office hours now instead of shift work).

What should I do? Hope next Tuesday I will hear good news from my current pretty boss - GOOD PAY. =x

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Reflections

Thinking back... what have I done during 2009...

Jan ~

I rebonded my hair just to prepare for the coming Chinese New Year.

Feb ~

It was my first time giving out angbaos although people said that we dun have to give in the first year of marriage. It was also my last time to collect some angbaos from my parents and some of my relatives.

Mar ~

I lost my laptop at Yishun Northpoint. =\ Bought a new laptop Lenovo S10 after than coz' it cheap and light. Regret in the end juz becoz' the speed is super slow when you deal with IT applications like watching video, video editing, etc.

Went to take Portfoilo in school and was quite happy with the Casual shot. Formal-resume shot simply look like property agent. Lolx~!

After 13 years, friends from Primary School finally meet up.

Everyone look still the same. Just that character are kinda of different. As usual, I still as talkative as before. :)

April ~

On April's fool day, I got a shocking news. Could not believe with my own eyes with those cheaper kits, I bought a more expensive and accurate one - Clear Blue Brand.

It still shows me Positive sign. -_-'''

Went to Taiwan with hubby, which considered as our Honeymoon. :)

Had my last paper in SMU, finally.

May ~

Took one summer course so as to graduate. My last module/lesson as well. After then I had been slacking while try my luck to look for job. As you know, pregnant woman always has difficulties in looking for job. Lolx~!

I can see/hear my baby's heartbeat during check up. :)

June ~

Nothing much in this month. But I can feel the movement of our little baby. :)

July ~

Finally my turn to graduate. But I declare to attend graduation ceremony next year coz' of H1N1 issue. Meanwhile, I can graduate together with my fellow friends in the same batch. :)

Gained a lot of weight so have to pack my favorite dresses in the luggage. Went for a check up to check baby's gender and it is a girl. Quite disappointed but still, it is our baby. :)

I can feel the kick from our little baby. :)

Aug ~

Finally I got myself a job which introduced by Shuting. It was a part-time basis due to my pregnancy. I am okay with that as long as there is income and I won't be slacking at home anymore. :)

Our cute baby kicked her daddy when he was trying to listen to her. Lolx~!

Sept ~

Ate a lot different kinds of mooncakes in the office. =)
Start to kick and punch my hubby during sleeping time. Poor him though.

First time seeing hubby change car tyres. His sweat just like tap water, keep flowing non-stop. Haha~!

Oct ~

Hubby's last day of work at Airport. Went to surprise him but ended up he dun feel anything. =\

Stretch marks start to appear around my tummy. :( Rashes around legs made me feel so irritate. Body start to feel weaker and movement began to slow down. I just wanna say, I am no longer active Esther. Keke~!

Nov ~

Boss and fellow colleagues treated me a very good meals before I left for Maternity leave. Less than two weeks I give birth already due to mis-communication with doctor. Haha... Thought of enjoying few more days of eating before I go for inducement lor. =\

Tricia's first week - Easy to take care. So no problem for all of us. All she did was drink and sleep. Play awhile then sleep.

Dec ~

But for the next few weeks were a hectic one. She cried non-stop for no reason. But sometimes she got stomachaches which caused her cried and screamed. Her pitch really high that no microphone is required. ~Sleepless nights~ But she do make us smiles. She just look so cute and adorable. :)

Last week, we brought her to Polyclinic for Hep B 2nd injection. I was so nervous when the nurse preparing the jab. When she insert the jab into Tricia's lap, Tricia cried aloud. My tears were like flowing out so quickly. Though after awhile she okie already, my eyes still so teary. Wondering whyI took injection also never cry, but when seeing her cry I also cry. Haha!

This is the first time I dun have cake during my birthday. Partly becoz all of us were so busy with Tricia. I also no time to go out with my friends to celebrate. =\ Glad that my colleagues will make an effort to buy gift for me even though I havent start work yet. My mama and sisters also gave me hongbaos. :)

X'mas again no celebration. Tricia occupied us. Haha!


Yesterday Tricia and I went out with hubby and his family for new year dinner. But only coundown to 2007 was missing. Hubby suffered from migrane again. So throughout the whole night he was like a mummy - stone and keep quiet infront of his computer.

Glad that I managed to see abit of Fireworks from dunno where (the building blocked 3/4 of it). But the sound of pop pop pop scared Tricia during her sleep. Lolx! 1/4 of fireworks, still look nice. :)

Happy New Year 2010! :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Blanket & Bolster

I think Tricia is not a girl aka lady that you can bully. She is super rough even though she's only 5 weeks old baby!

Look at this...

Covered her with thick towel-blanket to keep her warm

But less than 10 minutes...

It's turned out this way!

Bo bian lor, got to use pillow to rest on the blanket so that she won't be able to kick away the blanket easily. Phew~!

Tried the new mini bolster for Tricia to hug and realised that she is so CUTE when hugging the mini bolster. The mini Tricia is holding the mini bolster while sleeping on the mini pillow and bed. Everything so mini and cute!

Tricia is still learning how to use her bolster

But still, she will kick away the bolster in less than 10 minutes. I just cannot stand her behavior. I gonna behave like a super gentle mother with a sweet voice liao. Else she will behave like me - rough, talk any craps aloud, boyish, etc... -_-'''

P/S: She cried non-stop these two days for nothing. I see liao very heart pain. :'( How am I going to start work when seeing her like this? I just wanna pay off my sch loan and give her a better life. Sighz.

I just simply love her very much. And this makes me realised how much my mama loves me too... :\

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tricia & Caden

I am so freaky happy when my mother-in-law allows me to bring baby over to visit my mama! I thought that she will only allow when our babies after forty days. But I dun bother to ask her question since she allows me to go mama's house lah! :)

When I reached mama's house just now, the first thing I do was to go and look for Caden and carry him. Of coz hubby helped to carry Tricia. Heehee! He is awake and keep looking at me, his small aunt. :D Same as Tricia, he keep raising his eyebrows when looking at me. Lolx~!

We put two of them together on Caden's bed and take pictures. SO CUTE OKIE!!! But after a while I think Tricia dun like to sleep a guy's bed so she started to show her temper. -_-''' Her voice compared to Caden, really big difference. From 1 to 10 decibel, Caden rated 2 while Tricia rated 9!!!

SMS Conversation with my elder sister

Me: Caden cries super soft lor. Not like mine, so fierce. Faint.

Her: Ya. That's why I never move out. I never hear his cries at night. His voice very monotonous. Haha.

Me: U lucky. I put Tricia at your house lah. Her cries will wake everyone up! Fierce baby. Princess leh...

Her: I heard it in the bathroom. Andy (her future husband) asked whose baby and I answered her should be your baby coz higher pitch.

Hubby carry Tricia while I carry Caden

Caden is so busy while Tricia heck care him and continue her sleep...

Caden: *Evil Eyes*
Tricia: Zzz..zz...

Caden: Hmmm...

Caden smile so wide when he touched Tricia's hand

Wahaha~! I am so happy lah. I get to hug my nephew while my parents and sisters had a closer view at Tricia finally. Past few weeks were like so hectic as all of us were busy with lots of stuffs. Parents look at Tricia awhile and start to busy with sister and her baby.

Dunno why, I had a very enjoyable xmas eve tonight. :) Wish everyone has a great xmas eve night too. (^.^)v Merry Christmas!

P/S: I just cut my hair till very short and got rebonded. As usual, hubby never praised me at all though my family said that I look nice with this hairstyle. My uncle even said I dun look like a mother at all. Haha! (fyi, my hubby dun like me with 'un-natural' hair, that's explain)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy birthday to me

I used to have friends and family around to celebrate my birthday. But this year, I did not celebrate my birthday at all. I'm sick actually - flu. I have to wear mask before I carry my baby also. Faint.

No wonder Shuting they all asked me whether I am free on the coming Tuesday (which is my birthday) during my baby first month party. I was not aware that it is my birthday on the coming 'Tuesday' at all. I just know that my hubby took off that day so I told them that I am not free. I told them to meet on next coming Tuesday instead. Lolx~!

I am glad that my birthday was not an empty one. All wishes from my sweetest and nicest friends of all from facebook and sms. My mama called me whether I do know it is my birthday today and she had already prepared angbao for me and see when I free to go out with her. :D

Last but not least, at 10pm plus, my cute colleague came to my house and represent by everyone to pass me the birthday gift they had bought for me.

A handbag where I can put baby stuffs :D

2010 Planner

Seriously, they really really really read my mind! Just nice I need a cute bag to put baby stuffs and so coincidentally that I need a 2010 planner book! Mitch gave me 2009 planner book that time and I really made FULL use of it. Haha!

The only sad thing was, my hubby did not wish me happy birthday at 00:00am sharp. He only then wish me when I told him at 1am. Faint. No birthday cake also. :( But anyway, I am on diet now. Haha!

This year birthday really special. Although no birthday cake (first time leh), Tricia is there for me whining and want me to carry her nia then she stop crying. It's a good thing that she only wants me. But I am going back to work soon, so... it is a bad thing! Gonna push her to her grandma liao. -_-'''

P/S: I saw one of my friends at causeway point outside kiddy palace today. He said hi to me but I can't really remember his name. So paiseh lah. Now I know why weekhee said it is more embarass when you cannot even recognise your friend than your friend cannot remember who are you. Lolx~! But I still chat with him abit without asking him who is he. I scare he malu lah. =\

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

5 more days to Tricia's first month

5 more days... I am so excited. In chinese traditional or my hubby's family's law, we can bring her out only after her first month. But there is something I really curious about... :\

Wondering why Tricia can bring out gai-gai right after her first month, which is 30days but not 40 days instead (coz' ker's mum said she cannot attend others' party within 40 days). =\ I never ask more coz' different family got their own law de. Keke~!

But luckily my family don't follow such law and they are coming to Tricia's first month (even though my sister is doing her confinement at mama's house. But she's not coming as we cannot so-called 'clash' one another lor).

Papa and Mama are Tricia's grandparents, so the more they should come! :D

Show you some pictures and video on my little princess, Tricia. :D
P/S: But I have not yet upgraded to Queen yet. Lolx~!

Showing her active movement :)

Daughter looking at Daddy vice versa

Give Daddy a punch on nose!

She can able to see e movement of.. :)
(regardless things or human, or even camera!)

Poor Tricia, she is suffering from Eczema currently and went to see doctor yesterday. Did not realise that children see doctor super expensive till yesterday. =\ But hopefully the cream and soap liquid doctor prescribe will make her rashes better. I juz wanna her be pretty pretty on this Sunday lah. :(

Just love her as much as my mama love me. :) I have three important people in my life now. But somehow one of them dun like the other one. Phew~!

Ever since Tricia born, I realised that I have becoming more and more independent. Capricorn is a strong and independent woman but family-minded person. Lolx~! This is why I still love my family and my little princess. :D