Monday, May 19, 2008

Imperial Court Shark's Fin Restaurant

We went to Imperial Court Shark's Fin Restaurant at the Grassroot's Club - 190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #03-01, near Yio Chu Kang MRT for our brunch.

Initiately I wanna go eat Dim Sum Buffet at Dragon Gate Restaurant. But my dearest papa dun want because he was already hungry and Dragon Gate Restaurant where located at Habour Front is too far for him. In short, he is lazy. >.<

I thought that
Imperial Court has Dim Sum buffet. But in the end they only have Ala-Carte Buffet. For lunch wise, we can only order once per dish. This mean, LOUSY. However for dinner wise, we can order the dishes which are not categorized as High Class dish, can order for numerous time. I wanna order the fried prawns also cannot lor. >.<

Ask them to look up but they were shy...

P/S: I think this is Dad's second time eating Ala-Carte Buffet because he is either not free or lazy in the past... But now he got car already, so he is very kind to drive us around. Sometimes he will act cute and ask us: "Ah girl, you wanna go where? I bring you to walk walk." Lolx!

Well, elder sister and her boyfriend did not join us as they were having their breakfast at Betok already. =\

I act cute lor, due to his "This Blog Post" =p

He was like nagged at me. So I said ok ok lah, second time. :)

My handphone's wallpaper now~

On our way home, we realised that Ker gonna be late for his work if he taking bus. But he still pretend and said: "nevermind lah..." nervously. My childish and kind dad decided to give him a lift coz' mum also nagged him a bit. Heehee!

Ker went home changed to office pant plus office sling bag while mum brought Piyo along. When we reached Airport T1 Arrival, Ker dropped and walked off. Mum and I keep looking at him... especially me, 好不舍得哦。。。

On our way home, Piyo was sleeping so soundly...

And look at this video... she is just like a baby of mine... *patting her butt while she is sleeping...* (^_^)

By the way, just found this video in my folder.
Subject: Piyo is trying to snatch my tibit! Haha~!

Today I overheard aunties saying that nowadays most of the ladies having high expectations when looking out for guys. Well, there is something that I wanna say. This is because nowadays there are few good guys already. Ladies, am I right?

Haha, I am glad that I have found mine. :)

P/S: Guys, dun hate me. Well, those who I know are good guys. Okie?

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